M.Terk - Terkish Maize 100ml - 00mg - Shortfill

M.Terk - Terkish Maize 100ml - 00mg - Shortfill

M. Terk

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M.Terk - Terkish Maize 100ml - 00mg - Shortfill


Terkish Maize is a delicious mix of butterscotch and cornflake.


  • Flavour notes : BUTTERSCOTCH - CORNFLAKE
  • Boosted in Aromas
  • PG 30 / VG 70
  • Capacity: 100ml filled in 120ml bottle
  • Strength available: 0mg/ml - NO NICOTINE
  • Made in USA




For making your e-liquid with nicotine we recommend using the booster Nicofill

To obtain an e-liquid with nicotine, it is necessary to add 1 or more Nicotine Boosters


With TERKISH MAIZE 100ml bottle you can obtain:

  • 117.65ml e-liquid with a nicotine dosage of around 3mg/ml by adding nearly 2 boosters (17.65ml)


    To complete tighten lid and shake vigorously.

    Mixture will need some time to rest (this is also referred to as steeping). Depending on flavour concentrate, this steeping time can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Most are best after at least 2 days steeping.





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