Aspire (BVC) Atlantis replacement coil


  • €5.00

Aspire Atlantis Replacement Atomizer BVC Coil Unit


The Aspire Atlantis 2 heater - the most advanced BVC heating unit


The Aspire Atlantis 2 heating unit employs BVC technology (Bottom Vertical Coil). The liquid is transported to the heating coil by organic cotton, acclaimed for very accurate representation of flavor. Unlike other BVC heaters, the Aspire Atlantis 2 uses Aspire ceramic paper as an extra liquid buffer. This creates large channels that transport the liquid to the coil - without leaks, overflowing of the coil or bubbling noise. Aspire Atlantis 2 heating units were designed to operate at higher wattage, without the risk of burning of the coil. 





  •  1x Aspire Atlantis replacement atomizer




  • Resistance:  1ohm (40W-50W) - recommended for Atlantis 2 or Atlantis Mega
  • Resistance : 0.5ohm (20W-30W)
  • Resistance : 0.3ohm (70W-80W) - Please note: The 0.3 ohm coil is not recommended for the Atlantis 1  due to the lack of airflow & cooling.
  • Not Compatible with  Nautilus and Nautilus Mini 
  • It should only be used by experienced users.









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