Fcukin Flava - Freezy Mango - 00mg - 50ml

Fcukin Flava - Freezy Mango - 00mg - 50ml

  • €24.90

Fcukin Flava - Freezy Mango - 00mg - 50ml 


An amazing real taste of green mango with a little punch of sweet and sour, plus the cooling effect that will surely keep you floating on cloud9. One of a kind!



  • Flavour note: GREEN MANGO - KOOLADA
  • PG 50/ VG 50
  • Capacity : 50ml
  • Strength available : 0mg/ml - NO NICOTINE
  • Made in Malaysia


For making your e-liquid with nicotine we recommend using the booster Nicofill 
To obtain an e-liquid with nicotine, it is necessary to add 1 or more Nicotine Boosters
With FCUKIN FLAVA 50ml bottle you can obtain:

  • 60ml e-liquid with a nicotine dosage of 3.3 mg/ml by adding 1 booster 


    To complete tighten lid and shake vigorously. 
    Mixture will need some time to rest (this is also referred to as steeping). Depending on flavour concentrate, this steeping time can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Most are best after at least 2 days steeping. 


    Graduated empty bottles 30ml / 60ml / 120ml

    It is advised to use gloves to protect skin from exposure to nicotine and it is important to avoid contact with eyes.